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Logistic services


The FR Servicios Logísticos Group was created in 1995 with a clear strategy: to offer the most efficient and optimal logistics service to its clients.

Applying this philosophy year after year and implementing the latest advances and trends in logistics solutions, FR Servicios Logísticos has consolidated itself as one of the best picking specialist companies.

All of this guarantees the expansion of the company and makes it a possibility that currently some 2000 orders are processed every day, nearly 19,000 order lines a day, managing transport across the whole peninsula.

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The geographical locations of the logistics centres are excellent thanks to the road network such as the A-7, C-35 and C-18 motorways, as well as the B-40 dual carriageway and the C-7 A-road.


Outstanding articles

  • Albert Fornesa: “We want to recover the sense of large family that the sector had in the past” (El Vigía)
  • Alfons Faucha: “We speak to companies that need a lively logistic work, reliable and trustworthy” (La Vanguardia)
  • FR Servicios Logísticos certifies its quality management system (Electro Market)
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